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    The Residents of Gregory House


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    The Residents of Gregory House

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    Gregory House is the name of the hotel where lost souls go to wander. The owner of this hotel is Gregory, an old decreped mouse. He keeps guests trapped in the hotel, where they slowly lose their minds.

    [1]Gregory is the owner of Gregory House, accompanied by his annoying young grandson, James. Gregory is a bit crazy as he keeps his guests trapped inside his hotel. Eventually the guests go insane, and Gregory has captured some more innocent souls!

    Gregory is a slightly creepy old rat who invites the guest to stay in the hotel, which seems to be his obsession. He knows exactly how to unravel one's mind and will gladly exploit any emotional or mental weakness the guest may show. It is unclear exactly what Gregory truly is, it is implied [at the end of the first series] that he is the manifestation of the hidden dreams and desires of those who have grown tired of reality (though this may only apply to the male guest's own personal problems). Another probability is that Gregory is a spirit of dreams and desires, rather then a single person's manifestation.

    Gregory is apparently immortal, having be hit in the back of the head with an ax [in each of the two mainstream series] and being completely fine the next night. The only way to destroy Gregory may be to destroy one's thoughts and feelings tied to his world.
    While Gregory seems to have no set aims, he does work in collecting lost souls for his Mother, simply because, although he'd never admit it to anyone else, Gregory Mama is the only one Gregory fears.

    His favorite kind of music seems to be hip-hop.

    [2]Gregory is the Innkeeper of the hotel and also the narrator, a slightly creepy old mouse with a peculiar obsession for keeping guests at his hotel. He loves to mess with one's mind and has a habit of appearing out of nowhere.
    It is strongly implied that Gregory is in fact a manifestation of the hidden dreams and desires that people suppress, and his hotel the same. Although how several different people can manifest the exact same apparition is unknown, and it is highly probable that Gregory is in fact a spirit of dreams and desires, instead of a single person's manifestation. Gregory's aims seem unclear.

    [In the game, a player can overhear him monologuing about how s/he wouldn't be in any danger if they simply accepted the purgatory of Gregory House, but several times in both the series and the game, Gregory is seen to be an antagonistic force, putting his guests quite literally through hell.]

    As is typical for a man his age, Gregory also has a secret ( little does he know that it is not so secret to the residents of the hotel) liking for dirty magazines and will often read them when he thinks no one else is around; [in the game,] this secret place for reading the magazines just so happens to be in the storeroom.

    Neko Zombie
    [1]He is a zombie cat who once lived with a family that stayed in Gregory's Hotel. Once a glossy beautiful cat, it escaped from reality and ended up at the hotel where Gregory stitched up its eyes, mouth and ears as act of revenge, possibly against cats in general due to their inter-species conflict.
    He is the character who seems the most supportive of the protagonist [in both the game and the series,] as he is constantly giving guest hints on how to battle their inner demons. He also attempts to kill Gregory and his mother during the Great Fire of Gregory House (during the series, this fire is caused by him).
    He is a manifestation of a broken heart, stitched together by anger and misery.

    [2]According to Gregory, Neko Zombie was once a beautiful cat with the finest black fur that lived with the pet of a nobleman that once stayed at the hotel. However, one night, someone took a needle and thread and sewed everything shut; eyes, mouth, ears, everything. Although never directly stated, popular opinion is that Gregory is responsible for this to get revenge (although revenge for what there are no clues for).
    Neko Zombie resides in 203 in the anime, where he is chained to the wall and a large iron ball. His room resembles a prison cell, and the door is rust-orange metal in stark contrast to the wooden green doors of the other rooms. He is one of the only characters in the hotel supportive to helping the guest.. However, it should be warned that attempting to talk to him at certain times when he is very, very hungry will just result in pain… and bites. Most of his time is spent in his cell, but sometimes he'll break out of his room and scour the Kitchen for a snack.

    Judgement Boy
    He is a set of anthropomorphic scales balanced between love and money. He passes judgment on all troubled souls of the hotel and can see through anyone's lies, although people are skeptical whether or not he really can tell the truth or if he only swings his arms around. When he's not judging others, he usually sings to himself about himself ("Do you know who I am? They call me Judgement Boy!").

    He moves around the hotel by a rail system connected to the ceiling, although he has been known to drop from the strangest of places where no ceiling can be seen. He weighs the soul of whoever he encounters by presenting the person with a hypothetical situation where the person must choose between love and money (such as whether to go sign a life-changing business contract or visit the person's boyfriend/girlfriend in the hospital who just got hit by a car). After hearing the person's answer he will consult the "Balance of Truth," spin around while shouting "Judgment!" and stops as the bottom of one of his scales drops either the glass heart or the gold nugget he carries. After seeing what object drops, he completes the scenario appropriately.

    He is Gregory's grandson, a mischievous young mouse who loves to play pranks on anyone he can find. [In the videogame, he is the one who allowed the guests to steal bottled souls from Gregory's Mama.]

    She is a pink lizard nurse with a giant syringe. She has the obsession to steal blood from guests. One suck of the syringe drives a guest to being drained almost entirely of blood.
    Although her reason to put a syringe into people is often because she easily falls in love with people with nice "veins", she also sucks blood for no reason other than personal pleasure. She has had relationships with many characters throughout the house, though all of them have ended unwell.

    Cactus Gunmen
    In life, Cactus Gunman was the leader of a band of revolutionaries. Unfortunately for him, his zeal for the cause didn't make up for the fact that he was a horrible marksman who missed every shot (in fact, he has only been known to hit his target once). Now imprisoned in Gregory House, the prickly rebel gains his only satisfaction by challenging fellow guests to dramatic hallway duels. He is also quite the macho man, playing though while any real danger would easily scare him away. [In the game,] even when he does hit his intended target, he fears into a panic of actually hitting something.
    Along with being a lackluster revolutionary, he is also a hopeless romantic, and often attempts to court human guests of the hotel [such as the Second Guest.]

    Cactus Girl
    She is Cactus Gunman's younger sister. Although not a revolutionary herself, she ironically has much better aim than her brother. Instead of side arms, however, Cactus Girl’s weapon of choice is the lasso. She is fiercer than her brother and uses a lasso to steal other's valuables.

    Roulette Boy
    He is a small red-faced child with a roulette wheel on his head. He loves to play games and challenges guests to test their luck, usually ending in bad luck for the players. He likes to pick flowers in the garden with Lost Doll.

    Hell's Chef
    He is the chef of Gregory Hotel that looks very much like a dark-faced candle with glowing red eyes and a giant knife that is said to cleave elephant bones like butter. He often butchers/poisons the guests that don't eat or refuse his meals (even if they are just not hungry), and then serves them to other guests. He speaks with a dark, sinister, evil voice.
    He is apparently very particular and passionate about his food preparation, and refuses to eat anyone's cooking but his own. He hates smokers/smoking because "They are the enemy of cuisine!" (he hates that it eventually numbs the taste buds). The candle on his head is almost always seen burning because it somewhat acts as his life spark - if it's blown out, he stops moving and his eyes stop glowing, and when it is re-lit, he continues as if nothing had happened.

    Clock Master
    He is a man with the face of a clock residing in the hotel. He has the ability to control time, self-titling himself as the “Ruler of Time”, although he has grown old and can't travel that far in time anymore. He usually drinks his problems away.

    My Son
    He is the son of Clock Master, who is currently learning the arts of time control so he can travel through time like his dad. He greatly admires his father.

    TV Fish
    It is a skeletal floating fish able to swim in the air and through walls. It has a TV for a face and projects the memories of any guests nearby passively. However, because all guests at Gregory Hotel are uncertain of themselves, the TV shows distorted images. In the anime, there are multiple TV Fish, includion one with a Gregory TV satalite.

    Gregory's Mama
    Gregory Mama is, as the name states, Gregory's mother (and by extension James's great-grandmother). Gregory Mama is the only person Gregory fears and for good reason. It is shown that she has some magical powers, and has demonstrated on one occasion by turning a doorknob into a snake. She seeks to remain eternally young, and maintains her youth by devouring souls that she keeps in jars on the many shelves of her room. Due to her magic powers and unkind demeanor, she is often labeled a "witch" (although James prefers "old hag" and "old lady"), although she is capable of having intelligent conversations with Gregory without whacking him over the head with her staff. She hates it when people try to impersonate her [as shown in Last Train.]

    Lost Doll
    She is a poor girl looking forever for her doll with a pink face and a blue face. At first, she looks harmless but when approached or picked up, she becomes violent with her face turns blue. She herself is in fact the doll she is looking for. She has a good friendship with Cactus Gunman. Her name may have once been 'Katie'. Her only friend was a doll which was her constant companion, but one day, her parents decided to dispose of the doll. The girl searched endlessly for her lost doll, until she happened upon the place known as Gregory House, where she became a permanent resident.

    Mummy Papa
    He is a father dog with bandaged body and a saber cleaved into his head which does not affect him at all apart from a headache. He is a proud hypochondriac with a loving son, and enjoys little more than talking about his various injuries and illnesses.

    Mummy Dog
    He is Mummy Papa's son, a smaller dog in dungarees and bandages with an axe cleft into his head. He is also a proud hypochondriac like his father.

    Judgement Boy Gold
    He is solid gold Judgment boy and the boss of all other judgment boys. [In the game,] he trains all the other judgment boys for the final judgment and is the last guest to visit the hotel.
    He appears to be the leader of the Judgement Boys and is often accompanied by four Judgement Boys with numbers on their fronts. He claims his judgement is the "ultimate judgement"; this may have some basis of fact since, whenever he does a judgement, anything he is remotely attached to violently shakes (although this just may have to do with his large size). In the Judgement Factory room, he trains the Judgement Boys on passing judgements

    Frog Fortune Teller
    She is a fortune teller that will often appear in a cloud of mist and smoke before whom she is giving a prediction for. Anything she foresees often comes true, even if not in the way one expects.

    Angel/Devil Dog
    She is a canine with angelic appearance that invites you to be near her. She has somewhat of a split personality, however, and frequently changes into the Devil Dog and invites you to hell. She conjures a door reading "Heaven or Hell" for people to travel through; however, even she doesn't know which way the path leads. She acts like a teenager, arguing with Gregory about how he is always cleaning when she wants to watch football; indicating that she an Gregory, for whatever reason, tend to be on harsh terms.

    He is the God of Death who visits guests in their dreams with his scythe. He seems to be manic-depressive, [considering the fact that in the anime he speaks darkly with a grim voice, while in the game he has a funky and cheery presence.] He wears a Swedish flag in his head in reference to Ingmar Bergman movie The Seventh Seal. He collects the lost souls of the other world to finally put them to rest and for them to except their fate, however, this has become difficult thanks to Gregory’s Mama capturing the souls and keeping them for herself.

    Dead Body
    He is a skeleton character that resides under the cemetery in front of Gregory Hotel. "Drinks his cares away" until he can find a body to replace his own fragile form. He is weak to wind and water because his powdery bones can easily blow away or melt in the rain.

    Dead Body refers to the zombie-like skeletons that inhabit the Graveyard that surround Gregory House. They are very fragile and dissolve to dust in water or wind; their eternal mission seems to be to obtain new bodies. They also seem to take a liking to alcohol, specifically wine.

    Toilet Baby
    A small child-like creature that sits on a moving toilet and has a roll of toilet paper in its mouth. He often flushes itself down the toilet and takes anyone dense enough to get too close with it.

    Public Phone
    Is a living red push-button telephone. He loves to con whoever tries to use him into feeding him money. He is also pretty good at impersonating someone else's voice.

    Mirror Man
    Mirror Man is a large mirror contained in a cabinet and wearing a crown. His mirror, billed the "Mirror of Truth" always reflects one's true self, although as he warns, "Some people are better off not knowing the truth." A red eye peers out of any cracks in his mirror. He resides in a room made of mirrors and can move through them like others move through open doors; the room appears to be located deep below Gregory House, adjacent Inko's safe room.

    Sleepy Sheep
    Sleepy Sheep is a small bighorn sheep wearing pajamas and carrying a pillow. His only intention is to help the sleepless by jumping back and forth across the room to act as a counting sheep. However, the action often leaves him the one falling asleep from the exhaustion of his task, and he mutters the innermost thoughts of whoever is nearby during his snooze. It's possible that those able to enter dreams, such as Gregory Mama, are able to channel themselves through Sleepy Sheep whenever he's asleep.

    Bonsai Kabuki
    He is a red-skinned Japanese kabuki dancer with a bonsai growing out of his head. He has a third eye that, when looked into, reveals the other onlooker's fantasies to both Kabuki and the onlooker.

    Trap Mouse
    Trap Mouse is a mechanical clockwork mouse with ears that form a beartrap bigger than its body. It homes in on a transmitter signal and chomps whoever's holding it with its ears; according to Last Train, their instinct is to chomp down on anyone who gets too close. Both Gregory and James regard it with some fear. Similarly to Judgement Boy, multiple Trap Mice exist. 

    Umbaba is an exotic dancer whose body is entirely covered in a dragon headress and robe. The Umbaba Rhythm he dances to is so jarring that anyone else that tries to dance to it, which is anyone that happens to hear the rhythm, will eventually jar their souls right out of their bodies. 

    Poor Conductor
    According to GregoryHorror.com, Poor Conductor wanted to make music but couldn't play an instrument. He locked himself in his room and listened to records, pretending he was conducting the pieces. Eventually, his room became part of Gregory House. Appearing in the second mainstream season and Last Train, the Poor Conductor guilts people into listening to his performance, then traps them in the record on the turntable in his mouth with the needle chasing them, saying that he'll engrave his song onto their bodies. Gregory manages to rescue the Second Guest from this fate in Hell's Taxi, as well as the Last Train by having the train jump when it reached a warp in the record, causing the needle to skip.

    Kinko and Inko
    Kinko the safe and Inko the parrot reside in a heavily-armored room deep below the hotel, although a hatch in the ceiling leads up to Gregory Mama's room. Inko is wise-cracking and quick-talking, while Kinko is slow and sleepy; in spite of the differences in personality, they are inseparable. Inside Kinko resides a pocket dimension; [the First Guest was able to find his missing heart inside.]

    Hell’s Taxi
    Hell's Taxi is a small taxicab with eyes for headlights; both ends have a green sign reading "Do You Remember Me?". It always drops people off at Gregory House because it doesn't know where anywhere else is. A button on the steering wheel allows it to leap into the air by means of springs ejected from the bottom of the chassis.

    Stephen Haniwa Salaryman
    Stephen Haniwa Salaryman (sometimes billed as Middle Manager) is a shell of a man that works in an office cubicle. He is what all cubicle-dwellers that live only for raises and promotions become, forgetting about friends and family. Haniwa has been known to give his business card out to everybody he meets. [Haniwa is believed to be what the First Guest became at the end of the first mainstream season.]

    The Second Gust
    The Second Guest is the term used to indicate the protagionist of the second season of the anime, appropriately subtitled "The Second Guest." The Second Guest is a young woman who checked in on the way back from her best friend's wedding, wherein said friend merried the Guest's ex-boyfriend. The Second Guest is a smoker (ticking off Hell's Chef more than once) and has issues with anger. Her ultimate fate was becoming a resident of the hotel and apparently being welcomed into Gregory's family; although we do not see her final form, James speaks to a person casting the shadow of a mouse [during the final episode, while Gregory is in the front hall and Gregory Mama generally doesn't leave her room.]

    To look up more about these characters and to read about the other characters of the series not mentioned here, feel free to visit
    Gregory Horror Show Wikia

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    Re: The Residents of Gregory House

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    Excellent character list
    anyone who has no idea of GHS will find out perfectly xDD
    Awesome work cheers

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    Re: The Residents of Gregory House

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    I recall writing several of these entries on the Wikia. Good times.

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