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    About roleplays


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    About roleplays

    Post by fghh on Tue May 24, 2011 4:04 pm

    Say I wanted to start a roleplay (I don't right now, maybe later). Is there any tips anyone could give on how to set one up properly? You know like what info to give, or how to lay it out?

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    Re: About roleplays

    Post by supercomputer276 on Tue May 24, 2011 5:26 pm

    Admittingly, SonicHeart's rules are a little vague, so I can see where confusion is coming from. However, I have adequate experience with forum roleplay, both running and playing, and I should be able to provide some tips.

    For one, on forums I frequent(ed), roleplays have to be "pitched" first, so to speak, with a brief description of the beginning of the plot, like the description of a novel's plot on the inside of the dust jacket or on the back cover. It has to be enough that whoever you're pitching believes you can actually do it, but not so much you give the entire story away. For example, here's the pitch I made for a Pokémon roleplay on another forum:

    In the middle of the sea of the Pokemon world, quite a distance from Sinnoh to the east, is a large island known as Konran. This island is home to several terrains and several Pokemon, providing a human-free sanctuary for them. The Pokemon are watched over by the powerful entity known only as "Celemew," but few have ever truly seen her. Here on Konran, the Pokemon live as they please and coexist in peace.

    Or at least, they used to. A dark cloud has gathered as several Electric, Steel, Dark, and various other type Pokemon grow weary of the almost backwards traditions of the residents of Konran and seek to make things more modern. They band together to form a dangerous revolutionary group, Black Light, dedicated to industrializing the whole of the island. While most of the Pokemon are indifferent to their efforts and live their lives as always, some hold firm that this group and their motives are dangerous to the welfare of the island and so form a resistance group, Legion.

    Over the next several months, the two forces have battled it out several times all over the island, Legion trying to defend the sacred areas of the island from the urbanization efforts of Black Light. Sadly, the members of Black Light are too many while Legion's are too few, and the modern-seeking Pokemon quickly overrun the group, imprisioning and executing Legion members. Some Legionaires even change sides and join with Black Light. Soon, all the remaining Legionaires were forced to go into hiding to save themselves, allowing Black Light to dominate the whole of Konran.

    Well, not quite. There is one place on Konran that Black Light has never conquered: the island's largest mountain, Mt. Gyro. Atop the summit sits a wonderous machine known as the Gyro Gizmo, symbolic of peace and truth on Konran as long as its arms continue to turn. If Black Light were to take this mountain and gain control of the Gizmo, then the war will truly be lost.

    Enter the young Pikachu known as Sparkz. He had departed on a yacht from Port Deptford, where he had lived with a nice young rabbit girl for a time, on his quest to explore more of the world. However, a storm destroys the ship and Sparkz is cast onto the shores of Konran. He is rescued and nursed by some of the Legion and filled in on the situation. Figuring that the Legion's cause is rightous (SP?), Sparkz joins them in exchange for them helping him find a way off the island once Black Light is defeated once and for all.

    After several months, Sparkz is discovered during an undercover mission and is forced to flee into one of the last remaining patches of forest left on the island, persued by Black Light agents. He eventually finds an abandoned boarded-up research lab in a small clearing and wriggles inside, hoping to hide out. While exploring the building, he finds a large activated incubation chamber holding six Pokemon eggs. He switches it off and gets them out just in time for them to hatch into various LV 1 Pokemon. Shortly after Sparkz tells them what is happening on the island, the Tyranitar and Pupitar persuing Sparkz break in. Sparkz shouts for the young ones to hide before they're spotted. Just as soon as they take cover, the enemy finds Sparkz. Sparkz's electric attacks do nothing against the Pokemon and he is subdued, captured, and dragged off to an unknown location, leaving the six baby Pokemon alone.

    As the children set out to rescue Sparkz and make contact with Legion, they will battle and grow. But will they grow enough to put out Black Light once and for all?

    Hopefully you do not have to be as verbose as me, especially given there shouldn't be much need of a setting description of a GHS roleplay.

    Any other questions?

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