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    The Overworked Artist


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    The Overworked Artist

    Post by supercomputer276 on Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:53 pm

    Name Registration...: The Overworked Artist

    I like to go by...: Artist

    I've gained a few years...: 'round maybe... 21, 22 maybe?

    I'm a...: boy.

    Don't be fooled by my size: 5'8"

    Don't tell anyone, but I have a few feelings for...: Angel Dog. But not Devil Dog; she just scares me...

    Welcome to Gregory House...: Resident, squirrel.

    I can be awfully dangerous...: I paint pictures, but I do with a speedy and rather blind and dangerous fury that throws paint everywhere (which is why most of my stuff is covered in tarps). Also, I can grant life to my works by coating the painting with a special varnish, but Gregory tells me I shouldn't use it on abstract works...

    People say I'm...: timid and withdrawn. Insecure and childish. Sorta nervous around new things. My memory isn't the best either. But on the right topics, I open right up and can get very talkative.

    I have a love for...: creativity! Expression! Writing, drawing, painting, I love it all~ Also fond of cheesy foods.

    I'd like to avoid...: creamed spinach! Yech! But when the Chef serves it, I sorta don't have a choice, do I...?

    What haunts my dreams...: Catherine; I avoid her at all costs and if I need medical attention, I insist on Dr. Fritz. Also, the sight of internal organs freaks me out, and the slight of blood makes me squeamish.

    "What am I doing wondering through this forest?"
    My memory is bad and I can't remember anymore, but according to these papers I found in my handwriting, I was a college student under a lot of stress. After a late-night class, I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up, I was at the end of the line...

    For a while, I was steadfast in holding out until a bus back came, but before it did, I saw through TV Fish that... something horrible happened to my family back home... something I can't bear to repeat... I confronted Gregory, but it was real. Real... My heart... felt so heavy... I gave up at that point... There was no point returning after what happened... I can't get it out of my mind... Help me... Help me forget...

    A few more things you should be aware of...: My room's up in the attic; Gregory picked it out special for me. I got a lot of stuffed animals; I painted them up to replace my old ones after... after... No... No... Block it out, block it out...

    Will you remember my face?: Someone was nice enough to draw a picture of me! But it's in black-and-white, so... My fur is ginger-orange with yellow highlights, my tail slightly darker. My beret is maroon and my smock is white, with paint splatters of various colors all over it. Underneath it is a lime-green t-shirt and short jeans. Like many of the more animal residents I go barefoot. Oh and on the back of my smock it says "DEATH" like how it says "LIFE" on the front.

    Like I always say...: "I have no idea what I just referenced!"

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    Re: The Overworked Artist

    Post by Yamelia on Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:58 pm

    Cool ^-^

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