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    Yubune (full profile)

    Post by maddly on Sat Dec 17, 2011 2:08 pm

    Name Registration...: [name]Yubune (had an original name as a human but forgot it)

    I like to go by...: [nickname] Yuyu, Bubu or Nene (ITS CREATIVE OK)

    I've gained a few years...: [age] unknown, but seems to be in her mid teens to early twenties

    I'm a...: girl!

    Don't be fooled by my size: 5'2

    Don't tell anyone, but I have a few feelings for...: not anyone, from what i remember...

    Welcome to Gregory House...: i don't know what i am....

    I can be awfully dangerous...: if you try peeking at me, or if you pull the drain stopper thingy....i don't like when people do those things....

    People say I'm...: silly and timid (unless provoked)forgetful, but i usually try to smile.

    I have a love for...: soft towels. i also like collecting rubber ducks and washing my hair.

    I'd like to avoid...:being exposed....and looked at!

    What haunts my dreams...: fear of rejection and going back to her normal life

    "What am I doing wondering through this forest?": Yuyu, as a human, was having trouble. Reality was a huge burden for her, so she cut to release stress. One day, she started cutting in the bathtub. She eventually passed out and when she woke up, she had resurfaced in a river in the forest. She wondered around aimlessly for awhile, until she stumbled on the Gregory house. It all went even more downhill from there.

    A few more things you should be aware of...: i like boys...and soap. i can be a bit sensitive sometimes.

    Will you remember my face?:
    Like I always say...: drown your sorrows...

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