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    Monster Vending Machine [NPC]


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    Monster Vending Machine [NPC]

    Post by supercomputer276 on Sat Nov 19, 2011 5:53 am

    Name Registration...: Monster Vending Machine

    I like to go by...: a vending machine

    I've gained a few years...: unknown

    I'm a...: unknown

    Don't be fooled by my size: about 6'6"

    Don't tell anyone, but I have a few feelings for...: none

    Welcome to Gregory House...: resident, vending machine

    I can be awfully dangerous...: The machine appears to have two varieties of treat: food from reality, and food named after hotel residents; all a dollar each. Buy the latter, and the retrieval slot (its "mouth") tosses your treat of choice right into your hands. Buy the former, and the machine gets nervous because it doesn't have any of those... and it gets hungry when it gets nervous... (see "Requiem for the Forgotten Reality," Night 1-4)

    People say I'm...: soulless, actually. Aside from its... nervous reaction, it doesn't show much signs of any form of even being alive. It doesn't even appear to have to eat.

    I have a love for...: selling candy and treats

    I'd like to avoid...: being unable to fill an order

    What haunts my dreams...: being pressed to do something it can never do

    "What am I doing wondering through this forest?": Since the vending machine has never been known to talk, its story is mostly unknown. However, word on the rosestem is it used to be a candy vendor at a carnival who enjoyed his job, but lost it due to (what he believed to be) an untruthful complaint. His seller's license revoked, he faded away...

    A few more things you should be aware of...: It's more a backdrop than it is a character, really.

    Will you remember my face?: The vending machine's basic model is similar to the one on the far left in this picture, only colored black and with sharp right angles instead of curves. Covering the entirety of the glass (with the exception of a top corner that has slightly fallen off) on the inside is a poster that, barring close inspection, looks like the inside of a vending machine. No one really knows, nor wants to know, what the machine's true inside looks like...

    Like I always say...: "..."

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