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    A fanfic question

    Mr J

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    A fanfic question

    Post by Mr J on Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:40 am

    I was considering writing a Gregory Horror Fanfic in the vein of the show divided by segments and was wondering which if any rp characters could be used for them? and if so would the creators like me to pm the scene up to meeting their character so they can make their own dialogue and control the character.

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    Re: A fanfic question

    Post by supercomputer276 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:51 am

    Generally when you want to include someone else's characters, including those with described profiles in the RP board, in a fanfic, you have to get permission from the character's author in order to use him/her/it.

    With that in mind, you have my permission to use the Monster Vending Machine. And it... really barely counts as a character, so I don't think you'd need my input to direct the scene. Just remember: if someone tries to buy a real-world treat, the machine launches a tentacle out of its drop slot and tries to eat them. Good luck screwing that up. Smile

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