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    Nosy Neko [for NPC use if wanted}

    Mr J

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    Nosy Neko [for NPC use if wanted}

    Post by Mr J on Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:41 am

    Name Registration...: [Sherry Cat]

    I like to go by...: [Nosey Neko]

    I've gained a few years...: [2 in human years]

    I'm a...: [female]

    Don't be fooled by my size: [anthromorphic cat size]

    Don't tell anyone, but I have a few feelings for...: [Neko Zombie]

    Welcome to Gregory House...: [Cat creature]

    I can be awfully dangerous...: [intensely good hearing, sharp claws and teet,
    and always wants to know what you're up to]

    People say I'm...: [So Friendly, So Sweet, So always around even if you dont want me to be. ]

    I have a love for...: [Spying on your business, Rubbing up against you, batting at Gregorys tale, Cat treats, Yogurt, Pudding, Ice Cream, Tuna Water but not tuna, interrupting your conversations, waking you up from a good sleep to talk]

    I'd like to avoid...:[Water bottles with spritzers, poisons, boring people, Dogs]

    What haunts my dreams...: [Losing my hearing, not getting fed, Gregory deciding to torture me, Gregory Mama (who wouldnt be) memories of my loving owners a mother and son]

    "What am I doing wondering through this forest?": [I got lost when my owners were moving i ended up in the woods and saw a strange rat it was huge and could talk. I could talk now i couldnt just leave... could i?]

    A few more things you should be aware of...: [{This is totally based on my real cat}]

    Will you remember my face?: [mostly black cat with white bellu white mouth area and white feet ]

    Like I always say...: ["whatcha doing?"]


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