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    a couple more questions from Mr. J

    Mr J

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    a couple more questions from Mr. J

    Post by Mr J on Thu Nov 10, 2011 4:03 am

    I have a couple more questions

    1. does anyone know any good audiobooks that have themes like gregory horror or even junji ito i like to lay in my dark room and listen to things sometimes even watch a badly converted gregory horror {its ok once you get past the light buzzclicking in the background.} But i have for any decent pure audio to listen to. i try lovecraft but eh.

    2.As an avid purveyor of anime, games, and hentai i found something interesting im wondering if anyone else knew about.

    Gregory House from Gregory Horror Show= An hotel with the intention of trapping people in purgatory for food and amusement by making them lose their grip on reality controlled by a malevolent being.

    Silent Hill from Silent Hill= An Town intent on trapping people in purgatory for food and amusement {if you read the comics it adds some info} by confronting them with their past and should they fail become cattle for the entity.

    Illusory Mansion from Nocturnal Illusion= It traps people who have lost their way from reality but is more of a mixture of heaven and hell i.e the submissive maid is humiliated and degraded every night in the basement by spectres made flesh of her own mind. You can accidently end up in the manor but mostly you end up there because youve lost your way on the path of life and until you discover who you truely are you can never leave.

    Has anyone else noticed things like this?

    Also one last question
    What would happen if Gregory House from House M.D. came to Gregory House?

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