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    [wip] No name yet.


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    [wip] No name yet.

    Post by Noka on Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:22 pm

    "It's fine.. nothing you could do would fill up this hole in me.."

    [picture coming soon]

    I'm probably in my 20's by now, I really don't care..
    I'm not good with measurements.. but I'm just about as tall as the chef..

    Feelings for someone..? None in particular, I like everyone here..

    I'd.. I'd rather not get into it but.. to any guests out there, I used to be like you.. believe it or not.

    I can be awfully dangerous.. I haven't really caught myself doing it before.. but other residents told me I've been unstable upon the mention of something.. wish I could remember enough to know what it is. Sometimes I do lose control of myself and when I regain order people nearby are hurt and the area is broken all around.. it's very strange.

    People say I'm very gloomy and enigmatic.. but kind nonetheless. I remember a long time ago they were surprised how I handled the different situations at me, I guess I've tolerated a lot before to tolerate anyone here..

    I love to wander, to find something to fill this gaping hole in my body. When I give up I usually try to desperately fill it up by gorging myself. Other than just sulking, I do like looking at the garden..

    I'd like to avoid.. I.. I'd rather not think about it. It's for the best of your health.

    ..are you sure you want to know? No? That's what I thought.
    ...hm? For me? You say it was passed down through your family? F-family.. your family must mean a LOT to you huh? And your friends? Did you h-have.. any.. friends!? I used to have them too.. but.. but.. they're.. ALL GONE. WHERE DID YOU GO!? GYAAAAAAH! WHERE ARE YOU!? LET ME SEE THEEEEM.

    "What am I doing wondering through this forest?"

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